Preventive Medicine

You want your pet to live a longer, healthier and happier life. And we want to help. So at Midnight Sun Animal Hospital + Emergency Care, we put a great deal of emphasis on preventive health care and wellness services. When pets lead healthy lifestyles and receive top-notch veterinary care, they often avoid problems that can interfere with their enjoyment of life.

Annual Wellness Examinations

We recommend that your pet come see us yearly for a wellness exam. During this important visit, our doctors will spend focused time with you and your pet, doing a thorough physical exam, talking with you about your pet’s health and behavior, and addressing your questions. Wellness exams are the best way for us to spot health care concerns in their early stages, often before the pet exhibits symptoms, so we can act quickly to manage the condition and promote your pet’s health.


Ensuring your pet is properly vaccinated against life-threatening illnesses and diseases is simple to do and the payoffs are huge. At your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll discuss the different vaccinations available to your pet, work with you to set up a regular vaccination schedule and send you reminders when it’s time to update vaccines.