Financial Information

Pet ownership can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Pets bring companionship, fun, laughter and unconditional friendship in to our lives and as pet owners we owe it to our pets to provide the best healthcare we for them.

We would highly recommend any pet owner to buy pet insurance for their pets. We do not offer in house billing and as such payment is due at time of service. Insurance can help the burden of medical bills by reimbursing clients directly. Go to our pet links tab at the bottom of this page to access more information on pet insurance, including a link which compares rates and coverage’s.

In addition to cash and all major credit cards, there are two other financial programs we accept at Midnight Sun Animal Hospital.

Scratchpay is a convenient, easy to apply for payment method that offers various payment plans depending on how much the treatment will cost. It works just like a small personal loan, with variable repayment rates sometimes as low as 0% APR. Applying for Scratchpay does not affect your credit score and can be done on your smartphone or computer. Go to to apply or for more information.

Carecredit is another convenient payment option we accept. Unlike Scratchpay, Carecredit is a line of credit clients can use a vet clinics, dentists and other medical offices. Instead of a fixed personal loan it gives people the flexibility of a credit card. We offer 0% interest for 6 months at Midnight Sun Animal Hospital. Go to www.carecredit for more information or to apply.

Emergency financial situations

Try as we might, as pet owners sometimes we just aren’t prepared for a large bill that can come with emergency treatment. There are times when as pet owners we must look to other sources for financial assistance. For those that need it we have compiled a list of organizations that may be able to offer this much needed help*. Most are funded through private donations from the public.

*This is in no way an exhaustive list and pet owners are encouraged to do their own research. Midnight Sun Animal Hospital is not affiliated with any of the following organizations and gives no guarantee of funding.

In Alaska:

Friends of pets-an Anchorage based non profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers and supported by donations. Offering spay and neuter assistance in Anchorage and partnering with Anchorage Animal Control to reduce euthanasia rates.

Alaska SPCA- Low cost spay/neuter, wellness exams, xrays elective surgeries, vaccines and food bank.

Straw for dogs-Improving the lives of dogs living outside

Roscoe Fund- Anchorage based donation driven charity. Visit their Facebook page for information.

Crowd funding:

Fund Raising platforms can be one of the most effective ways of raising funds . They allow you to post your pets story for people the world over to see and donate directly to you. Midnight Sun Animal Hospital is not set up to accept donations directly so this is a great way for people to get treatment for their pets that otherwise might prove financially impossible.

GoFundMe-Easy to set up, zero set up costs. One of the biggest crowd funding sites in the world. donors with animal projects. Crowdfunding, free fundraising for pets.

National organizations:

The Onyx and Breezy Foundation. Provides funding and support for food medicine and supplies for individuals with a medical hardship.

Paws 4 A Cure-Provides assistance with urgent care for cats and dogs to qualified families throughout the United States.

The Pet Fund-For non basic, non urgent care such as cancer treatment,heart disease and other chronic conditions. All applicants are required to apply by phone before applying 916-443-6007

Pet Assistance Inc-provides emergency grants to pets with a good prognosis.

Brown Dog Foundation-helps families in temporary financial crisis at the same time as their pet needing life saving treatment.

The Mosby Fund-helps with non emergent urgent treatment for dogs. All dogs must be spayed/neutered to qualify.

Red Rover Relief-provides financial relief for for owners of pets needing urgent care. Also helps victims of domestic violence and their pets

Roses Fund- offers help to owners with limited finances who have pets with a good prognosis

Canine Cancer Awareness-dedicated to fighting canine cancer

The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund-helping the underprivileged get cancer treatment for cats and dogs

Kobifund-Helps cats with Vaccine Related Sarcoma

Magic Bullet Fund-Provided financial assistance for canine cancer treatment for those unable to afford it.

Seidel and Cody Fund Funding for cats and dogs with cancer

The Big Hearts Fund-Makes grants available to help treat canine and feline heart disease.