The Roscoe Fund

Helping pets in need.

The Roscoe Fund was created to help assist owners with animals in need of emergency medical treatment.  The funds goal is to help reduce suffering in animals that might otherwise remain untreated for purely economic reasons.

The Roscoe Fund began when Paul Hendrickson donated money in honor of his beloved poodle Roscoe, to be used to help other pets. Since then, several others have opened their hearts to donate to the fund in memory of a pet or other loved one.

Midnight Sun Animal Hospital + Emergency Care is proud to be affiliated with The Roscoe Fund.  Our hospital is one of the two veterinary practices in the Anchorage area where animals in need of emergency care may qualify for financial assistance from the Roscoe Fund.

The Roscoe Fund is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status and donations are tax-deductible.   To make a donation:

Midnight Sun Animal Hospital + Emergency Care accepts donations to The Roscoe Fund by mail or in-person at our front desk.  We ask that you provide a few bits of information (Name, Address, Phone & Dedication) unless you wish to remain anonymous.

You can also choose to donate to The Roscoe Fund when you apply online for your Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend via the Pick. Click. Give. program.

If you wish to donate directly to The Roscoe Fund or learn more about their organization, please visit their website at

To apply for financial assistance through the Roscoe Fund go to their Facebook page and leave a message. They typically reply with in 24 hours or go to their web page at to download an application form.

Happy Endings…

Your generosity can help pets like “Purrty,” a cat with amazing survival skills.

Firemen were desperately trying to put out a trailer fire when they heard piercing cries from the bathroom, the most badly burned room in the house. Purrty had taken shelter in the toilet! Her decision saved her life; other pets in the house were not so fortunate. Despite her incredible survivor spirit, Purrty could not continue to survive without medical help. She had inhaled too much smoke, and endured too much heat.

Purrty’s family were also suffering the loss of their home, their security. Without the help of THE ROSCOE FUND, Purrty might not have lived to reflect on the meaning of “nine lives”.

If you love a pet, you can imagine the anguish of families like Purrty’s. Consider a gift to such a family and their pets by considering a donation to THE ROSCOE FUND, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of our companion animals.

Did you know? Adult cats with no health problems are in deep sleep 15% of their lives; they are in light sleep 50% of the time.