Pharmacy Information

We have a fully stocked pharmacy on site carrying many name brands and generics as prescribed by our doctors, including flea/tick and heartworm preventative.  As we are not a dispensing pharmacy our stock is reserved for our own clients-we do not fill medications prescribed by other facilities.

Some patients can require costly medications, others may simply have a long term medication requirement. For these clients we highly recommend shopping around for medications, either locally at brick and mortar pharmacies or by ordering online. Infact, did you know many regular pharmacies not only carry human medications but pet medications too now? We are happy to give clients a written prescription to take to a pharmacy or call in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

There are some medications that will need special preparation for pets that can not or will not take the prescribed treatment in the prescribed manner. For an example, some pets refuse pills, some others may refuse liquids. For this kind of situation there are some pharmacies here in town that may be able to compound a medication making it easier to administer. Another reason to seek out compounded medications is because your pet is allergic to one of the ingredients found in the original treatment.  Click on the links below for more information on these local compounding pharmacies.

Ordering online can be very convenient with some companies offering automatic refills and home delivery. Ordering online is simple. With most online pharmacies the client orders the medication through the website, the pharmacy contacts us to verify the prescription and then the medication is shipped to you, the client. The first order a client places can sometimes take a few days because of this process, but after that it is generally a very smooth easy process.

Click on the links below for more information. This is not an exhaustive list of pharmacies and we encourage clients to do their own research and share their feedback with us at the clinic.

1800 Pet Meds is a prescription drug savings card that can save you up to 80% on medication costs. You can sign up online or stop by the clinic for a discount card to take to your chosen pharmacy here in town. One very helpful  feature of goodrx is the ability to compare prices at different pharmacies within a certain distance of your location. The difference in prices between different pharmacies can differ considerably so we always encourage clients to do their own research.